Adoptable Cats



Precious has been with us the longest.  She is middle aged and would do better as an only pet or in a house with calm animals.  She has a autoimmune condition that requires a steroid shot twice a year.

Adopt me!



Carmel  LOVES attention all the time.  He also will still your meal if you're  not watching!  His charm makes up for it all, and all the kisses he  gives. Please give Carmel a chance! He was dumped when the ladies that  owned him moved. A neighbor had been taking care of him before he came  to us.  If you love kisses and a 'cat-dog' Carmel would be PURRfect for  you!!!!

adopt me!



Runt is a sweet girl who's mother and father were dumped in Torrance, PA when their owners moved.  She has been with our rescue for most of her 7 months and shes ready for a real home of her own.  She's very affectionate and gives headbutts.

adopt me



 I’m Howard and Spooky is my best friend. I am 13 week old, and I lost an eye and have limited sight but this does not stop me. I still do everything a  normal kitten would do with no issues. My best friend other than Howard  is the dog. I like to play with the dog (sometimes a little rough).  Sometimes I think I am a dog?  I would really like to get adopted with Howard!

adopt me



 Hello!!!  My name is Spooky and Howard is my best friend.   I am approximately 13 weeks old and fully vetted. Due to lack of care at a young age I had to undergo an eye removal but this  doesn’t stop me. I am very friendly and great with other cats,children  and dogs. I love dogs and can play rough so I need a home with a very tolerant dog. Howard and I are inseparable and would be best to go a home together 

adopt me!



Loko is a great teenager! Friendly and playful, born under a trailer. He's ready for his next adventure! Pokey and Sabrina are his 

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Sabrina is a sweet laid back teenager. She loves to sit at the window and watch the world go by.  She loves being rubbed and scratched.  She can be shy with strangers but warms up quickly.  Would do better in a calmer home.

Adopt me



Pokey is Sabrina and Loko's brother.  While Loko is active and outgoing and Sabrina is sweet and shy, Pokey is more much shyer and scared. He will need a small adjustment period and would do better in a calmer household.

Adopt me



 Hello! I’m Mini, a gray 10 week old sweet yet shy female. I am great with everyone I meet with just a little time.  Here i'm cuddling with my foster brother Spooky!

Adopt me



 Hola!!!!  I’m pumpkin. I came to cat aid network after my former owner became ill  and couldn’t take care of me any longer. I am said to be roughly a year  old and sweet as can be. I enjoy playing,relaxing, cuddling and of  course eating. 

Adopt me


Bobbi is a young adult female, g

Bobbi is a young adult female waiting patiently for her special someone.  She is not a huge cuddler but craves affection on her terms.  She does well with other cats and dogs!

Adopt me



 Hello!!!  I’m Simba. A 4 year old fully vetted male. Don’t let my age full you I  still have so much energy and kitten in me. I love everyone cats/kittens  people are my favorite especially the snacks and cuddles they give me. I  am unsure of dogs but can give it a try. 

Adopt me



 I’m  shiva!!! And I don’t sit still long enough for my foster mommy to take  pictures. I am a year old female friendly but a little shy when I first  meet you. Mommy says I’m too beautiful to be shy, you think so? I do  great with other cats dogs and children 

Adopt me



 Hello!!  I’m bubba! A 5 month old male who is friendly playful but has an  attitude at times. Bubba will be fully vetted in the next few weeks and  ready for his forever home. Bubba does well with dogs cats and best  situated with older children 

Adopt me



 This  is Yukon. She is a 1 year old sweet female. Yukon is not a big fan of  other cats but doesn’t mind dogs with proper introductions. She loves to  play and get lots of attention 

Adopt me



 Hello!!! I’m
 Mia a 4 month old female who was in a high kill shelter in Georgia. My  wonderful foster mommy saved me and I’m so grateful. I do well with  other animals and kids and have the loudest purr.... I frighten easily  and take a few days to adjust to my new surroundings but I have the  heart of gold. My foster mommy says I am ready for my forever home.

Adopt me



Max is a sweet older boy who we are assuming was dumped near a volunteers house recently. He had already been neutered but got vaccinated and combo tested, and is looking for a home of his own. He does well with kittens but does not do well with alpha older cats who try to boss him around lol

Adopt me



Pigpen is a sweet energetic messy full of life kitten.  He never does anything half way!  When he eats, he dives into his food.  When he plays, he is just a ball of raw energy.  When he sleeps, he crashes.

Adopt me



Frick wants to know why he hasn't been adopted yet?  He is a sweet cuddly playful baby boy.

Adopt me



I am sweet and playful.  I had an untreated eye infection in my previous life so i do have limited vision in one eye but it doesn't stop me at all.  Will you be my forever mom?

adopt me



I am a sweet playful

adopt me



I have not had an easy life.  I am very shy and scared.  I need a calm home with a patient mom or dad.  I deserve a chance just as much as everyone else; i've just been let down so many times by people. 

adopt me

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